The exhibition celebrates the collaboration between the Singapore Institute of Technology and the Glasgow School of Art Singapore’s Bachelor of Arts (Interior Design) (Honours) programme. The exhibits are publications resulting from the programme from 2012-2021, and has graduated more than 350 students into our industry.


With handmade quality, aesthetic simplicity and the incorporation of a special biome, this series was designed to create a tranquil green corner in bustling urban life.


Inspired by the optimism and stability that numbers can provide in fragile times. The rocklike shapes constitutes divinity and assurance during the pandemic coupled by different shapes that represents different functions of our industry. These functions are in one space to show that at the end of the day we are complementary to one another under one space.


A single drop can make a big difference.

Raindrop on a pond, or a tear falling from One’s eye. The momentum this single action starts, the ripples it creates, and the layers it exposes embody the purpose and meaning of “impact.”

This installation gives form to the moments following this action and shows the variety, diversity and resonant impression resulting; symbolized with a multi- coloured, multi- textured, dimensional and kinetic 360 degree view.


Kasumi (distant mist) and Shizuku (droplets) are two glass pieces inspired by natural phenomena. The base artwork is painted meticulously by hand, then manipulated using mathematical algorithms, resulting in a unique human- machinic touch.


Light is the spirit of the interior and how Light plays an emotive role in day- to- day settings, can only be experienced when one centers around the space.


In trying times, recovery is only possible with open transparency and protective personal space. This idea empowered T1 Glass to present a privacy on-demand opportunity reflecting how it is possible to be transparent yet mindfully private on an experiential journey of a walkthrough publication.


Forged in the lights and waves of the Mediterranean sea, each colour represents the life force that forms the soul and spirit of the environment. Focusing on the essentials, a way of life. Attention to details, and savouring the here and now. The Sunlit collection truly reflects Silestone's DNA.


Recent pandemic has accelerated the need to rethink how we plan and use our spaces, not just commercially but also residentially. Colours can be cleverly used in influencing neutral to positive mood, emotions and behaviours to form the harmony needed in that given space.